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Child's Father Passed Away Need Help With School Choir Trip In May

My younger first cousin lost her father November 4, 2013 to Sepsis, kidney failure, and diabetes. Her mother, whom was my Aunt, passed away in 2005 from Leukemia. Since Keynah has been with me, I have gotten her glasses, diabetic medicine, clothes and maintained the bills. Before she lived with me she was making D's and F's for grades. Now that she is with me she has been making straight A's despite the hurdles that she has had already in her young years. Keynah is 17 years old and goes to MacArthur High School and is in the school choir. The school choir has a trip for the students planned in May 2015. The kids will be going to South Padre for three days. Before they get to South Padre, they will stop in Austin for a choir concert and then proceed to South Padre where the kids will have cooking contests and fun activities. As you know, under certain circumstances, sometimes we are not prepared for but work through it. I have been trying to get her this trip. I really feel like she deserves it and has worked so hard. Please help me, help Keynah Simmons, bring a smile to her face by letting her have an opportunity to sing with her school choir in May. The funds are due the beginning of February. Thank you in advance!


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